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The Chandelier Ballroom

Chandelier Ballroom
Photo courtesy of Peter Jones - A Shot in the Dark Cave Photography

Here we are in the Chandelier Ballroom, named for the fabulously glittering white crystals of gypsum that hang down from the ceiling. These gypsum crystals are also known as alabaster, which is a word people use sometimes to mean a brilliant shade of white. Since gypsum is a very soft mineral these "crystal chandeliers" could be damaged very easily by humans just aching to touch the glittering crystals. The National Park Service understands the overwhelming urge to touch and feel these beautiful crystals, so that's why they've made these caves off-limits to the general public. Imagine what this ballroom would look like after 150,000 park visitors came through and all of them touched and took pieces of the gypsum. There wouldn't be anything left to look at!

We've got one more room to check out before we head back to blue sky...these formations are known as Cave Pearls ->.

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